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Pram Cleaning

Remember when you first bought your pram? It smelled fresh, it looked clean and bright, and you were happy to let your child ride around in it.

However, it doesn't take long before prams become filthy, because of one simple fact; kids attract mess! Food and drink drop through cracks or get rubbed into porous fabrics. Nappies leak and young babies regurgitate milk on a regular basis! All of these issues can make prams dirty, smelly and unhygienic, no matter how much you try to clean them yourself. Damp fabric and foam rubber can become mouldy or covered in mildew, which smells bad and could be hazardous to your child's health.

And just think about those wheels - they've been through all manner of unpleasant substances out on the street or in parks. The last thing you want is to track these through your home or leave germs and bacteria on your floors.

Whatever the problem, Valet Queens pram cleaning service in Brixton Hill has seen them all, and we know exactly what's needed to return your pram to the same state that it was when you bought it.

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Why Should You Use A Pram Cleaning Service?

After all, anyone can grab a cloth and wipe away spills and stains, can't they?

While this may be the case, you'll never achieve the same results as a deep clean by Valet Queens in Brixton Hill. We use a range of methods and cleaning materials to remove stains, mould, and all kinds of gunk and dirt that accumulate in the folds and creases.

We covered how to clean mould out of a pram in our blog if you want more facts on this.

It isn't just about making the pram look clean. Dirt and bacteria can cause stomach upsets, infections and skin rashes if your child comes into contact with them.

The only way you'll get your pram looking truly clean and smelling good once again is to have it professionally cleaned. This will also destroy bacteria and mould spores, making the pram safe for your precious baby once again.

Are you preparing for the arrival of another child? Maybe your old pram was stashed away and forgotten about, and now you've discovered that it smells musty or is spotted with mildew!

Valet Queens will revitalise your old pram ready for the happy event.

You can save a lot of money (as well as helping the environment) by buying second-hand baby items, or accepting them from friends and family. Even so, you want to be sure that these are clean and safe for your precious baby to use. We can restore them to like-new condition and remove any potentially harmful bacteria. Some of the methods we use are listed in this article entitled “how to clean a vintage pram”.

If you no longer have any use for an old pram, you might want to sell it. Getting it cleaned will make it look a lot more attractive and help you to make a quick sale and a good price!

What Is Included In A Pram Cleaning Service?

The methods we use will depend mostly on the style and brand, as well as the materials involved. However, the cleaning process will generally involve the following steps.

The wheels are the most important part of a pram: without them, you wouldn't get very far! However, they are often overlooked in terms of cleaning, even though they are exposed to a lot of dirt and contaminants.

Valet Queens will scrub each wheel clean and disinfect them thoroughly. Any metal parts will be treated with a water-displacing spray (like WD-40) to prevent corrosion.

We'll give the chassis a good scrub down to remove any caked-on grime, then polish it up until it gleams like new. Please bear in mind that badly scuffed or scratched plastic and metal are extremely difficult to fix. This post entitled how to clean a pram frame lists some of the methods we use.

Solid debris is removed using a stiff brush and any loose particles are vacuumed away. You'd be amazed at the amount of sand, dust, crumbs, pebbles etc. that we remove from most prams!

Any loose or removable covers and fabrics are taken off and washed by hand or machine - whichever is appropriate. All detergents are non-toxic, child-friendly, safe, non-irritating and eco-friendly.

After cleaning, the fabrics are disinfected to destroy any trace of germs and bacteria.

We also use steam cleaning where it is necessary or appropriate, as this provides a super deep clean that kills 99.9% of all germs, including viruses. It also destroys allergens that can affect your child (particularly if pets have been in contact with the item).

If you no longer have any use for an old pram, you might want to sell it. Getting it cleaned will make it look a lot more attractive and help you to make a quick sale and a good price!

Valet Queens offers a free collection and delivery service in Brixton Hill for your convenience as we operate nationwide. We will arrange to pick up the pram and take it away to be thoroughly cleaned, then return it to you.

We understand that if you are using the item you'll need it back as soon as possible. While we offer an express service (depending on our workload) that has your pram ready within a day, we usually ask customers to allow between 48 and 72 hours

We can make minor repairs during the cleaning process if this is specified beforehand, but badly damaged items will require specialist attention.

We are happy to handle other baby items, including your car seat, carry cot, stroller, buggy or an entire travel system!

Whatever you need deep cleaned, we can collect it, clean it and return it to you.


We understand that if you are using the item you'll need it back as soon as possible. While we offer an express service (depending on our workload) that has your pram ready within a day, we usually ask customers to allow between 48 and 72 hours.

Please Note:

Our team is highly experienced and extremely thorough in their work. Even so, some stains are very difficult to remove, particularly those that haven't been treated for many years. While we will do our utmost to eradicate them, they may still be visible in some cases.

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Regular Care & Maintenance

The best way to keep prams in good condition is through basic maintenance every few weeks.

Remove the wheels and wipe away the grit that accumulates in the joints, as this can wear down parts and cause mobility issues. Spray any moving metal parts and clips with WD-40 to keep them lubricated and free from corrosion. Pick out sharp stones that are stuck in wheels and make sure that any inner tubes are not punctured.

Wipe down the chassis frame regularly, especially in winter. Salt/grit used on icy paths can cause corrosion if left in place. We covered in detail how to clean a pram frame in our blog.

Hoover out any loose debris from the creases and folds in the fabric. Wash the removable covers once a month or so to keep them fresh, but be sure to use a non-bio or child-friendly washing powder.

Valet Queens High-Quality Pram Cleaning Services in Brixton Hill

When you need your pram cleaned, you want it done properly. Whether it's just to freshen it up or a deep clean before you sell it or pass it on to another family, you want the pram to look its very best and be safe and hygienic to use.

That's why Valet Queens is the company to call. Our cleaning service is thorough, professional and effective, and most of our customers are astonished by the results.

Call today to discuss your requirements, arrange your pram cleaning session, and get your baby items looking just as they did when they left the shop!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, steam cleaning a pram is a good safe way of getting out tough stains and ingrained dirt without being too harsh on the pram fabric and causing it to shrink.

Yes, hosing down a pram can work, it's a good way to get a gentle water stream onto the fabric which helps wash out some of the dirt and grime. Be sure to use a mild soap and not so much that you have to drown the pram to get it all out.

No, it is not recommended to use a jet wash to clean a pram. Jet washers produce high pressure water that can stretch or damage the fabric of the pram. It is better to use a hose or low pressure cleaning method to avoid damaging the pram.

Yes, it is possible to clean a mouldy pram using a solution of vinegar and water. It is important to wear protective gear and thoroughly dry the pram after cleaning to prevent future mould growth. If the mould is particularly stubborn, a stronger cleaning product or professional help may be needed

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